Entry #2

New stuff

2010-02-02 17:38:10 by Ivorydrive

I have a new website. Ivoryboy.com
I have a new game. 4 Differences
I... something else probably


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2010-02-09 11:19:58



2010-02-15 17:40:08

Dude I'd PAY you.


2010-03-01 13:31:56

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh ur weird


2010-03-06 05:06:36

Ya never let me down, even if the new game was easier than the others, the new style made it really enjoyable. Oh and let's not forget the images themselves! Beautiful.

Don't stop creating, you've got the eye for it!


2010-06-11 05:52:20

lighten up?


2010-06-21 00:37:21

I simply love your work man!


2011-03-10 19:59:16

Thanks for all your "differences"-games! they are amazing, the art is great and I'm really happy you don't use any time outs!

Please do some more!


2011-03-24 16:50:36

I really like your differences games. are you going to make another one? the style and the music is very soothing


2011-07-27 19:17:23

dude its been a while since 4 dif. can you please make more, just a suggestion.
i was literally blown away from 6 dif. you rock, more NIN music plz and more implossible pics plz.

p.s. you are awesome


2011-10-23 05:22:24

Your a pretty cool guy


2012-01-05 20:58:40

Also your game 5 differences, always brings a smile to my face.


2012-09-28 01:59:34

I think you should make games for green, blue, black, etc. I enjoyed the crap out of Red and Orange, and it's been a long time... :D


2014-07-25 10:57:54

Today i was playing 4 Differences, again also the others (i played them all several times) and i must say thes games are the best "spot the difference" game. The setting(s) and music is great, also the moving or chaning landscapes. I hope there will be in the future some further games. Thanks for the games


2015-04-17 22:45:43

I will eat your asshole